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Nancy Thomson

Licensed Insurance Broker

Nancy Thomson is an Independent Health and Life Broker, specializing in seniors and Medicare. Nancy found her career in insurance through a chance meeting in her Toastmasters Club, with an Insurance Sales Manager who wanted to hire her. Nancy had concerns about ethics and high-pressure sales tactics, but she did her research and discovered that the best agents don’t sell, they consult with and educate the client. This has been her approach throughout a highly successful career.

Nancy has combined her personal values and desire to help people with her professional abilities in a job that she loves! This blending of skills and values guides her approach to helping clients find the right policy for their individual needs. With the select companies that Nancy works with there are many choices available and NOBODY should EVER be STUCK with the wrong policy, wrong doctors, wrong hospital, or wrong drug plan.

Nancy has raised two children in Colorado who love the mountains as much as she does and stay busy hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. Nancy attends church at Woodmen Valley Chapel and volunteers with a Christian youth group.​

(719) 339-6882

Nancy Thomson
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