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Damon Haney

Licensed Insurance Broker

Meet Damon Haney, a dynamic 36-year-old professional whose journey embodies versatility, passion, and a drive for making a difference. With a robust background spanning hospitality, corporate environments, and entrepreneurship, Damon has cultivated a diverse skill set and a keen understanding of various industries.

Having begun his career in the bustling world of Corporate Auction Business, Damon quickly rose through the ranks, honing his expertise in customer service, management, and team leadership. His time in this fast-paced environment instilled in him a dedication to excellence and a knack for fostering meaningful connections with clients and colleagues alike.

Beyond the boardroom, Damon finds solace and inspiration in the great outdoors and the thrill of action sports. Whether he's hitting the slopes on his snowboard or exploring rugged trails on his mountain bike, Damon's adventurous spirit knows no bounds.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Damon is deeply committed to making a meaningful impact in his community. As a dedicated Life Insurance / Medicare professional, he channels his passion for helping others into providing families with the security and peace of mind they deserve. With empathy, integrity, and a genuine desire to make a difference, Damon ensures that his clients are equipped to face life's uncertainties with confidence and resilience.

In every facet of his life, Damon Haney exemplifies the values of dedication, innovation, and compassion. Whether he's leading teams in the corporate world, carving new paths as an entrepreneur, or empowering families through his Life Insurance business, Damon's unwavering commitment to excellence and service sets him apart as a true leader and change-maker.

(719) 838-5120

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