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Confused by Medicare?
Are Parts and Plan the same?
Are my doctors and prescription covered?

Our agents take a consultative approach, listen to your needs, and alleviate the burden of choosing a Medicare plan.  Trust our independent brokers to offer unbiased advice.

Original Medicare
(Medicare A & B)

Option 1
Medicare Advantage

(Medicare Part C)

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Features of Medicare Advantage

Little to no monthly premium

Copays for services

Uses network of doctors and hospitals

Most include Part D for prescriptions

Extra benefits generally included


Prescription Drug Plan

(Medicare Part D)

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Features of Medicare Supp

Higher monthly premiums

Little to no copays/deductibles

No networks required

Part D for prescriptions added separately

Extra benefits like dental, vision, and hearing can be purchased separately.

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Features of Part D

Can be purchased as a stand-alone option

Formularies and plan design(copays/deductibles) vary greatly

Subsidies may be available for lower incomes


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