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Laura Norwicke

Licensed Insurance Broker

Laura Norwicke

Agency Owner

Expert in Medicare, Health & Life Insurance

Call or text me at (720) 282-1612

You may schedule a Personal Medicare Review with me here:

Almost a decade of experience serving individuals with their health and life insurance needs. Primarily working in Colorado and Kansas with offices in Arvada, CO and Lexena, KS. I'm also licensed to serve Missouri, as well as Southern and Western states as client's move to warmer climates. And finally, I am partnered with Agents who serve people in all 50 states. If you need health and life insurance, we will help you.

Mission Statement:

Thrive, committed to service and integrity, provides easy access to the highest quality healthcare and life insurance products. Thrive serves individuals, families, business owners, and Medicare beneficiaries, ensuring peace of mind for their future and the future of their loved ones.

How did I get here?

My family and friends have been extremely supportive as I navigate serving thousands of individuals and families with their insurance needs and building an agency.

I'm blessed to work in this field because it affords me a work-life balance that I was seeking for many of my adult years. And then about ten years ago a friend introduced me to Medicare and I waas all in.

My prior job experience was working for advertising, marketing, and sales teams in a variety of industries. Through those years, I was keenly aware of my desire to work that enables me to do the following:

  • Help others with very hard decisions giving them peace of mind.

  • Volunteer to serve people in the community.

  • Be available for my family on our terms, without answering to a boss.I'm the boss.

  • Mentor others in search for meaningful work.

  • Make a decent income for myself and my family.

How am I connected to both the Denver-Boulder Metro area and Shawnee Mission, KS?

I was raised in Prairie VIllage and then Shawnee, KS, and graduated from Kansas State University. Go Wildcats! Later I moved to Washington, DC in search of a marketing position with "real work experience". I met my husband Glenn there, who was inspired to move to Colorado, so we went! I loved vacationing in COlorado as a kid. It was an opportunity I could not pass up.

My primary residence is in Arvada, CO, where I spend most of my time. Fortunately, my sister and her family live in Arvada too, so I always have family and friends nearby. I cannot say enough good things about Arvada. It's a wonderful community. I have clients throughout Colorado state.

My office is at Thrive Workplace 5610 Ward Road, Unit 300, Arvada, CO 80002. I usually meet clients in their homes or in my office. Zoom works too. You choose!

My parents, other family and friends still live in Kansas, and I travel there frequently. I serve clients in the Midwest and mntor other Agents there too. I'm looking for more Agents to mentor. Give me a call, if you want to talk.

My specialties are Medicare, Individual and family health insurance, dental, vision, and other ancillary products like final expense insurance, cancer insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, and fixed annuities.

Call me! I look forward to serving you.

Ever Forward,

Laura Norwicke

(720) 282-1612

(720) 282-1612

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