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Linda Schreiner

Licensed Insurance Broker

Linda Schreiner is a Licensed Medicare Broker, who serves to guide those who are New to Medicare or reviewing current plans. She listens to your needs and offers options that “Best Fit You”. Linda takes the time to Explain How Medicare (Parts A, B, C, D, and Medigap Plans) work. Linda will help you to navigate and understand the differences of what can feel like an overwhelming amount of information. As your trusted advisor, patience and understanding, throughout the process will empower you to design, with confidence, a good plan with your financial and healthcare needs.

Growing up on a Dairy & Agriculture Farm in Colorado, instilled the values of listening, trust, and working together at an early age. Those values are the foundation of Linda’s professional life as well. Linda enjoyed the success in retail and corporate sales when she herself was trying to navigate the Medicare system. Linda found herself overwhelmed with all the information. Because of this experience a new Independent Medicare Broker serving people in Colorado was Born!

As a wife of a Veteran, Linda has a special place in her heart for those who have served our country while offering a Veterans plan as one of many choices. Linda shares her life with family, exploring new hiking trails, and digging in the earth planting her garden. Linda loves her two dogs, who take her for daily walks.

Through hard work, education, and as the primary provider for her family, Linda gained confidence in overcoming challenges and new opportunities. This built life experiences and a strong work ethic which make Linda the perfect choice to assist you in navigating and finding the best Medicare options available to you.

(303) 900-5252

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