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Nohemy Been

Agency Manager

Nohemy Been is a seasoned leader in the insurance industry, currently serving as the Agency Owner of Equity Health and Life Insurance Solutions. With an impressive career spanning over 28 years, Nohemy has established herself as a prominent figure in the insurance field.

Throughout her career, Nohemy has effectively managed multiple sales teams, demonstrating her exceptional leadership skills and ability to inspire others. She has developed a reputation for providing comprehensive training and support to large insurance agencies and over 1600 agents in the last five years alone. Her dedication and expertise have helped countless insurance professionals enhance their business growth, improve their proficiency in catering to client needs, and gain invaluable knowledge about the right insurance plans for specific requirements,

Driven by a mission to empower insurance agents, Nohemy's primary goal is to facilitate their success. By sharing her wealth of experience and idustry insights, she aims to equip agents with the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive market. Through her extensive guidance, agents can better understand thier clients' unique needs, ensuring that they make informed and tailored recommendations for the most suitable insurance plans.

Nohemy resides in Phoenix, Arizona and enjoys hiking or walking with her husband and dog on weekends.

(303) 408-6912

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